Pen & Ink – More digital journaling tests

Just trying out another app that has been sitting unused since being downloaded. Not a very good drawing but I was mainly trying out the different tools and effects that are available.

This is another app that is a great contender for digital journaling, you can create as many sketchbooks as you need, add as many pages as you like to each book, duplicate pages and rearrange pages, even move them between books. Each page has ten layers, plus a page background layer, which lets you change the paper colour. There is also a photo layer available if you like to trace from a photograph. There is a wide range of tools in the free version, with more available as in app purchases.

Digital Art Journaling 2

Another app that I am trialling is UPAD

I am using the lite version of this app and I am very impressed. I like the cartoony look, which is very easy to achieve. Everything is created in vector format, and the selection tool makes it easy to copy and paste parts of a drawing. You can also resize the selected items, as I did here with the palm tree. Although I’ve not used any here, the app is very good for adding hand written text, which is smoothed very nicely. You can zoom to 800% which makes it easy to add any amount of fine detail.