Art Set Pro

I first grabbed a copy of Art Set when it was introduced in 2011. Even though I played around with it on and off, I never actually created a finished drawing with it.

When Art Set Pro was introduced in Nov 2013 I grabbed a copy of that as well. It had some nice new features, but once again I never created anything with it. I think the problem is I’m an app junkie, especially with art apps. I have dozens of them and not enough hours in the day to use them all.

Anyway, the other day I decided it was time to create a finished picture with Art Set Pro and the above image is the result. It started off as a quick sketch using the ballpoint pen and the markers. I then started to play with the much improved brushes in the pro version and finished up painting over the whole thing. I love the way that the paint blends as you paint, just like real oil paints do. The final image was downsized for the web using Art Studio, which may have lost some of the quality.

Thanks for looking, and if you read this far, thanks for your patience.